HeyrexVet User Guides

Welcome to the HeyrexVet User Guide. The following pages have been designed to help you and your veterinary practice get the most out of your HeyrexVet service.
Should you prefer, each section of the guide can be downloaded as a PDF. We recommend you check back here regularly as we add new guides and update modules frequently.
If at any point you need further assistance please don't hesitate to contact your assigned product specialist or our support team on vets@heyrex.com


If you or your hospital is new to the HeyrexVet Service please start with our easy Getting Started Guide.

The HeyrexVet Standard Monitoring Tools

The HeyrexVet system is a series of tools designed to help you monitor your patient. These tools are displayed in individual tabs for each patient. The standard monitoring tools are automatically enabled for all patients.

The standard HeyrexVet monitoring tools are:

The HeyrexVet Advanced Modules

In addition to the standard monitoring tools HeyrexVet also contains advanced modules. Unlike the standard monitoring tools, the advanced modules must be enabled on a patient by patient basis.

The advanced modules are:

Additional HeyrexVet Guides

The following pages provide general information about using the HeyrexVet Site